13 sept. 2011

Jonathan Maicelo: Box, heels and passion

Jonathan Maicelo (Callao, 1983) became in 2009 the first Peruvian boxer in a global ranking. He's the Latinamerican champion at the Light Weight category and is at the top 20 in the world. What is so wonderful in him is his tenacity and discipline when it comes to training and reaching goals. Last year Jonathan had the chance to prove himself in a new challenge: Dancing. He participated at the reality El Gran Show where we had to dance with a partner for a dream. He might not have won but he showed great dancing skills. He was recently invited to dance again, this time a choreography wearing high heels based on the pop song "In the middle" of Ukrainian group Kazaky. The results were outstanding and everyone was blown away. It proves that you can master anything you do as long as you do it with passion.