27 oct. 2011

Kenji fail

We've known Kenji Fujimori for a long time, since the day his father Alberto was elected President in 1990. His first impression of Peruvian Government Palace was "¡Qué paja es el palacio!" (how cool is the palace!). He went with his father along the dark ways of dictatorship disguised as people's democracy. After Alberto Fujimori's resignation due to corruption, Kenji continued with his sister Keiko the road that his father had started and led their political party. Keiko was congresswoman, elected with the highest rates in the country, but lost last presidential election. It was time for Kenji to enter the politics, and he got the same success. Now there are rumours that Kenji will be the next presidential candidate in 2016. I'm sure he will be popular as usual, but for the wrong reasons. His comments are so wrong that cause laughter everywhere. He's a fun character, but if God is Peruvian, he will only make us laugh. Tampoco, tampoco.