14 nov. 2011

Cristian U and his lucky game

More than six months have gone through since Cristian Urrizaga, aka Cristian U, won Gran Hermano Argentina 2011. The last local version of Big Brother was completely dominated by this contestant, who proved his experience as gambler and played all or nothing during the entire reality show.

He was even isolated by the other contestants (know as Los Pibes), who saw in him a player with high possibilities of winning. Cristian U was so popular that he left the game and returned with 75% of votes. After winning he started a TV career in Telefe, but the role he was given was small, you might say that the same production was not allowing Cristian to shine with all his potential.

The rival channel, El Trece, put its eyes on him: Marcelo Tinelli wanted him in Showmatch, the most relevant TV show in Argentina, so that Cristian could dance with the stars. But he still was prisoner of his contract with Telefe. Luckily, Cristian was able to resign and now a whole new future lies ahead. We, his Talibanes, are anxiously waiting for what comes ahead.