10 dic. 2011

JLo in South America: It's Uruguay's turn

Jennifer in Uruguay
http://beyond-beautiful.com/ Dic/08/11 10:40 PM

Jennifer Lopez Kickin' Ass in South America

Wearing the appropriate diva workout outfit of tight jeans and designer shades, Jennifer Lopez kept her infamous booty in shape by high kicking while practicing the Brazilian dance-based martial art Capoeira in Uruguay on Thursday.
The 42-year-old got her self defense on in the middle of looking for talent in South America for her new Spanish-language talent show "Q'Viva - The Chosen!"
Her boy toy Casper Smart better not mess things up with J.Lo, unless he wants his butt kicked ... literally.


  • What? Jen doing "capoeira" hahaha I can't wait to see her here
  • I hope she comes here. Imagine Jen dancing samba or funk? lol
  • xD lol! They have a pic that was already posted in here as well!
  • I was hoping she was filming a new music video after looking at these pix :S
  • -> Shit I wish! If only she was filming "Hypnotico" instead! P.S. - She looks hot!!
  • Dang, seriously not many 42 yr old women can pull off wearing something like that...and this woman just rocks it so perfectly. Jen, you are GREATTTTT!
  • She looks like she is having a lot of fun with this show.. can't wait
  • Wow! She looks amazing.
  • Love the way she put her Gucci belt and love that red top ..... Absolutely stylish
  • Is the guy with the white shirt Casper?
  • ->yea
  • By the way, I must go to Uruguay !! They have hot guys
  • Jen tumbling made my day
  • Great pics ! She looks hot :D ...
  • The more I watch the shootings the more I think this project is so worth Jen's time... this is really something that Jen should have done since she is one of the most successful and iconic latinas in the world... really nice to showcase Latin America... and you can tell she fits in in every country she visits... she is loving this bonding with fellow latinos so much.. you can tell.. I'm so proud :D
  • wOw She looks so fresh and young :D
  • I agree that she looks like she's having a lot of fun filming. I'm excited to watch. :)
  • She met Jen and tweeted us: RadiatingMyLove ℛadiate YOUR ℒove @BBjlo She was really beautiful, she's really nice! She dances REALLY well! She was greeting everyone, it makes me love her more! :D
  • Jen's got moves!!!! She made them look so easy!!
  • http://elobservador.com.uy/ Jennifer López, a puro candombe. (Jennifer dancing at the beat of drums).
  • -> yay :D she moves well and the beat is very similar to ours
  • Momma is looking great!!! I'm really looking forward to this show!! :D It looks like it's gonna be great!!