1 feb. 2012

So, which Shakira's look do you like the most?

Shakira started her career being a young girl with long black hair, either curly or straight.

As she began being famous in Latinamerica, she tried new hair styles, such as colourful dreads.

Her gorgeous red hair in 'Ojos así' is said to be her best look ever.

But she changed it drastically when she entered the American market with 'Suerte (Whenever, wherever)'.

She wanted to cut her hair and she did in 'Te dejo Madrid' video but she played it safe.

Shakira even turned to chocolate shades to look more natural and not to damage her hair too much with extreme bleaching.

But she loves being blonde, whether it's honey or ash, and having straight hair.

Shakira likes wigs: In 'Las de la intuición' video she looks sexy in a lilac wig.

In 'Rabiosa' she returns to black, but with a short haircut.

It seemed to be the time to cut her hair, and so did Shakira, but she remained blonde. Watch out for her new look coming soon.