6 jun. 2012

Travel Challenge

1- Favorite Place(s) I’ve been to
In my country Peru: I adore every single city and town in Peru but I have an obsession with the beautiful city of Arequipa, located in the Peruvian south country.
In the world: I’ve been to some amazing places in North & South America, as well as Europe. Paris is extraordinaire but my heart belongs to Rome and its Coliseum, full of omnipresent cats!

2- Where I would like to travel to next…
In my heart there is a beloved place on Earth, where you can still find life at its purest, wildest, most intense state: The French Polynesia.
On the other hand, I need to practice my German, and I’m looking forward to travelling to Germany soon.

3- An adventure or challenge I had while travelling or living abroad:
When travelling to New Jersey I visited the famous amusement park Six Flags: Great Adventure. I went into almost every single place until I was about to throw up. I never get into rollercoasters but this time I went all the way.

4- A picture of me in another country
I’ve lived in Lima (Peru) almost all my life and we have average warm weather compared to global standards. So when I had my first winter with snow it was just amazing. I was able to enjoy with my younger brother this wonder of nature in Sterling, Illinois (USA).

5- Favorite Touristy moment
Pucallpa is a Peruvian city located in the jungle, it’s beautiful, exhuberant and intense; I loved their local rhythm, cumbia, played by Almir y su Banda… xD

6- What does home mean to me?
Peru is my big home, I truly love my country. My hometown is San Miguel, a district in Lima, located next to the Pacific Ocean. It is very modern and you can find anything you want in the various shopping centers in La Marina Avenue. Plaza San Miguel is the best known mall. We have several urban zones (urbanizaciones) in San Miguel, such as San Miguel antiguo (ancient), Maranga, Pando, etc. I live in Maranga, eight blocks from the sea, and I wouldn’t change it for the world (unless, of course, if I keep on living close to the ocean).

7- Besides people, what do I miss from home?
Lima has excellent weather: even if some people complain about clouds that don’t let us enjoy the semi-tropical climate we should have, these same clouds protect us somehow from solar radiation. We are in a strategic position in South America, next to the Pacific Ocean, and the everyday view is astonishing. And let’s not talk about Peruvian food, considered the best in the region and one of the richest in the world. That’s why, even if I adore travelling, I’m never away for so long.

8- Favorite food from another country or culture
I love Italian food! My favorite dishes are pizza, lasagna and ravioli: Life wouldn’t be complete without them.

9- A song I like from another country/language
Madonna - Girl gone wild (Aviici mix)

10- Essential things I pack on every trip
When I prepare my luggage it always depends on the destination (local, international), the number of days and the weather. I’m not the kind of person who packs hundreds of suitcases, I try and make my luggage as light and practical as possible. I have lots of fun finding pieces in my wardrobe that will match, be useful and trendy at the same time. But my nº1 essential thing is my camera: My life is all about recording moments in time.

11- Did I have any milestones or first while travelling or living abroad?
I’ve had the great opportunity to travel from a very young age with my family, so the first time I did it on my own was very important. I went to Arequipa (Peru) with my friends, colleagues and teachers from San Martin University (my Alma Mater). I proved myself that I could not only travel but live away from home. When you are on your own whether travelling or living abroad you rediscover life, it gets richer, unexpected, sometimes scary but always unforgettable.

12- Someone who influenced me to go abroad
Travelling is one of my passions, even if I truly enjoy being at home. The closest influence about my dream destinations comes from my direct family and people I love. Based on that, the 5 places I want to know or re-visit are (in strict alphabetical order):
1. Buenos Aires, Argentina
2. Cuzco & Machu Picchu, Peru
3. Paris, France
4. Tahiti, French Polynesia
5. Venice, Italy

13- Favorite Travel Quote
The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. – St. Augustine

14- What did I learn from travelling abroad?
First of all, you value your country more because you’re able to see and experience new cultures, then you realize how lucky you are to have your hometown, your costumes, your food, etc. You also recover the feeling of living intensely: When you have a routine in your everyday life you become somehow insensitive, you don’t appreciate the beauty around you. Being in a new, strange place opens your senses, emotions, thoughts, it makes you act differently. Travelling enriches your life and opens up your mind. You don’t know which marvels are waiting for you, whether abroad or in your own country.

15- Advice to someone who’s thinking about travelling outside the country:
Be respectful of the new culture you’re getting to know, don’t expect to find a McDonalds everywhere you go, try and learn the language of the country you’re visiting, keep your eyes wide open, and, if you’re not Peruvian, feel free to visit my country: You are more than welcome to Peru.